An exhibition of Philipp Fehl’s art was held in November 2001

Exil Archiv
Die Deutsche Bibliothek
Adickesallee 1
D-60322 Frankfurt am Main

Die Deutsche Bibliothek is the national archives and the national bibliographic information center for the Federal Republic of Germany and, as such, performs the functions of a national library. It is represented at three different locations: Leipzig, Frankfurt am Mein and Berlin.

Die Deutsche Bibliothek is closely concerned with both the long-term preservation of the cultural heritage and the development of up-to-date technologies. Die Duetsche Bibliothek serves as a universal research library for the German-speaking region, i.e., it collects and catalogues publications from all fields of knowledge. A number of additional national and international functions are derived from this responsibility:

Central archive library for the Federal Republic of Germany Central music archives for the Federal Republic of Germany National bibliographic center and national information center for music bibliography Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933 – 1945 (German Exile Collections 1933 –1945) Public reference library Deutsches Buch and Schriftmuseum as a documentation center for the culture of books Office for the coordination of preservation programs at federal institutions Partner in national and international organizations Partner in the development of standards and norms.

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